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Minimum purchase is 10 Ghs. Reinvestment cost is 0.0001 BTC/Ghs. Cost of new hash power is as follows...

Hash PowerCost
10 Ths to 90 Ths0.0001 BTC/Ghs
1 Ths to 9 Ths0.0002 BTC/Ghs
100 Ghs to 900 Ghs0.0003 BTC/Ghs
10 Ghs to 90 Ghs0.0004 BTC/Ghs

What is Bitcoin mining ?

Bitcoin mining is the process by which bitcoin's public ledger blockchain is built. Mining operation ensures transactions to be added to the blockchain as well as reward miners with bitcoin. Mining operation is a complex mathematical calculation (known as hashing) which requires computational power (known as hash power) to be solved. More the hash power one has, more is the probability of getting the solution faster than others and thereby winning more bitcoin.
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Why we need Cloud Mining ?

In 2009, when bitcoin first came to existence and there were only a handful of miners, bitcoin could have been mined using a laptop or a PC. But, situation has been changed drastically in last few years. Bitcoin mining is now a very competitive industry where mining mostly takes place in large server firms with huge hash power. Now, to gain bitcoin from mining, individuals buy their share of hash power in these mining firms to mine bitcoin. This is called Cloud Mining. Cloud Mining allows individuals to reap the benefit of long term return from one time investment, without bothering much about hardware maintenance.
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How do I start Cloud Mining ?

Anyone can start Cloud Mining in two simple steps...

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Mining payments are automated and takes place everyday. Withdrawal takes place every Monday by 6pm (GMT). We have a history of paying cosistently on time over months.
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